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Driving traffic to a Web site and features on the Website to create a desired call to action is the main goal of Internet Marketing. Artismedia's portfolio includes the following Internet marketing services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click services, Text Link Advertising and Link Exchanges, and Banner Advertising.

In terms of advertising elements such as banners, pop-up or Flash ads, we can either use the ones you provide or design them from ground zero, based on your specifications.

Artismedia's Approach to Internet Marketing

At Artismedia we follow several simple steps to work out the most appropriate approach to Internet Marketing:

1. Data Acquisition
At this stage, the customer fills out the Information Request Form.

2. Situation Analysis
Having received the completed request form we analyze the information it contains, visit the customer's site, and then offer a price quote for traffic analysis.

3. Traffic analysis and Strategy Formulation
Armed with the data gathered in step two, we process the traffic information and then formulate a marketing strategy. When doing so, we rely on such factors as the goal of the site, the traffic statistics at time zero, the nature of the site (static or dynamic), the site design and structure, the main features of the competitive environment, etc.

4. Strategy Implementation
With all the major unknowns eliminated we can now issue a price quote and start implementing the strategy after reaching an agreement.

5. Performance Assessment
Upon project completion we analyze the results and adjust the marketing strategy whenever required.

Who Needs Internet Marketing?

The answer to this question is straightforward: any company wishing to build a successful presence on the Internet. Hoping that the undisputed qualities of your professionally designed web site will generate traffic by themselves reveals an unjustified optimism, as the Internet is drawing countless individuals, companies, organizations and foundations in a fierce battle for its top positions.
Due to its complex nature, Internet Marketing requires expert handling. Even gaining a basic understanding of the terminology used to describe Internet Marketing would probably require a high-school course. Imagine yourself fighting with notions such as keyword density analysis, link popularity enhancement, and meta tag and website optimization and at the same time running your business efficiently.
And if terminology poses such a challenge, you can guess what's behind it. We therefore strongly advise you to rely on professionals if you wish to make money from your web site.

Is Internet Marketing Expensive?

For a professionally designed web site that is targeting a lucrative market, the amount spent on Internet Marketing might seem trivial when compared with the profit figures.
However, if your business model has overlooked some important factors, you might end up regretting any investments made in the web site.
Large or small, investments in Internet Marketing are unavoidable; so don't even dare dreaming you could make a web site visible without spending to promote it.
The only feasible approach to Internet Marketing is to have it done by experts while keeping focused on running your own business. This attitude may very well end up saving you time and money and increasing your chances of achieving greater online sales.

Popular Internet Marketing Services

Depending on your needs, marketing strategy and budgetary constraints you may opt for any of the services described below

A) Search Engine Optimization
This is a form of online marketing aiming to make a site and its content highly relevant for search engines through content optimization. The service relies on Search Ranking Reports, which show your positions in search engines as well as those of your competitors.

B) Pay per click services
This form of Web marketing consists in bidding for space on a search engine for relevant keywords and/or keyword phrases. For example, any company can bid for the keyword phrase "Web Development" on the Google web site.

Depending on how sought after this keyword phrase is and on the search engine popularity, the price for one click to your site may vary greatly (between $10 on Google AdWords or Overture and barely 25 cents on a less popular search engine). The main advantage of the service is that you are only paying for visits to your site.

C) Text Link Advertising and Link Exchanges
Text link advertising means placing links on popular web sites to attract additional visitors to your site. While this service is usually offered for free only on newborn web directories, link exchanges would cost you no more than placing a reciprocal link on your site to the site that is displaying a link to yours.

D) Banner Advertising
This is the last method of Internet Marketing we are offering at Artismedia. Similar to newspaper advertising, banner advertising presents no guarantees as to its results. However, this method puts at your disposal strong tools for quantifying the results (comprehensive statistics), unlike traditional advertising methods. Banner advertising also provides access to well defined customer groups and demographic data, facilitating the implementation of targeted marketing strategies.

Depending on how eye-catching the banner is, on its message, on the types of visitors the site you choose to place the banner on attracts, on the banner's size and position in the site, as well as on the site popularity, you might end up with great boosts in sales or with no clicks whatsoever.

Prices for banner advertising depend either on the period of time you reserved the space for or on the number of times your banner was displayed.

To request more information about Artismedia's services or a quote, to place an order or propose a partnership, please contact us right away.

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