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::Graphics and Imaging:: A Cradle of Excellence
At Artismedia, art, management and psychology harmoniously fuse in all graphic design projects, producing impressive results. You can confidently rely on us for any graphical work that falls in one of the following categories:

Custom graphic design and print services (flyers, brochures, presentation materials)
Graphical support for advertising (web, outdoors advertising, magazine and newspaper advertising)
User interfaces for the Web, Macromedia Flash design
Illustrations (graphic design of magazine and book covers, cartoons, caricatures)
Imaging (video and photography)

Custom Graphics and Print
Backed by an unrestrained imagination and an addiction to challenges, we gladly accept any project, regardless of its complexity. Don't miss the opportunity to harness our great potential, as we can deliver any targeted graphics for print you need, from a dwarfish leaflet to a king-sized poster. The same holds true for graphic customizations. We can adjust to any specifications and deliver works of art that would knock you out of your shoes. You can have us create brand new shapes or rework versions of your existing materials.
Our print services include but are not limited to fliers, brochures, presentation materials, data sheets, sales sheets, postcards and business cards

A necessary evil, advertising fulfills an essential role in all aspects of human existence. We advertise even when trying to attract a soul mate or when giving an account of the last vacation we spent on the French Riviera.
At the heart of this process lies communication, which helps shape and disseminates an image. Depending on the knack of the advertising agent, the effects of the message can be outstanding or totally inadequate.
By having Artismedia select the communication methods and prepare the crucial graphical and copywriting components for your advertising campaign, you get the guarantee of conveying an image that is realistic, intelligibl, consistent across media types and engaging.
We specialize in materials for a wide range of advertising media, such as:

Magazines and newspapers (prints)
Banners, pop-ups, Flash/Gif and rich media (web-based)
Fliers, brochures, banners (for the outdoors)
Multimedia presentation

As all real artists, Artismedia's graphic designers can take any idea or concept and encapsulate it in amazing architectures of symbols. These elements of the construction can be anything, from cartoon characters to three-dimensional objects, from earthly creatures to weird extraterrestrial beings, from the tiniest microscopic plants to gargantuan creatures.
Once "alive", the building blocks can easily be inserted into any construction, whether it is an editorial illustration, a cartoon, or a certain type of advertising material.

Web Interfaces
The term web interface signifies all the graphical elements, the fonts, and the overall layout of the web page.
As there are clients who simply wish to purchase new outfits for their web sites, we decided to enrich our service portfolio with graphical layouts for the Web. Stand alone web interfaces or Macromedia Flash designs come to complement our service offer, covering any possible style, from corporate to entertainment or from classic to fun.

Artismedia can help you integrate existing digital images, videos or animations in your web advertising campaigns or simply prepare them for you and let others do the integration, depending on your preferences. With an extensive experience in creating Macromedia Flash elements or full Flash websites, animations and other interactive elements, we can respond to any tastes and requirements in this area.

Harness The Power of the Image

Let Artismedia help you get the most out of images. And if you might ask yourself why you would need images on a Web site, just imagine the following scenario. Put the word cheval (the French for horse) in front of a Taiwanese child. He will most likely shrug his shoulders and laugh at you. Then show him the picture of a horse and analyze his reaction.
Unlike words, images are universal and therefore equally meaningful to the Taiwanese child, the English college teacher, the Papuan fisherman or the Scandinavian whale hunter. Besides universality, images present another great advantage over words: the amount of information they can incorporate. A photo of a horse galloping thundering on an endless prairie conveys an amount of facts that can only be expressed in several pages of words.
Furthermore, images are also far better at stirring the soul, as they can easily capture and render our most ardent and fanciful desires.

Video and Photography
Loaded with the most effective means for reaching the viewer both at a conscious and a subconscious level, video and animation can sometimes outdo still images as effective marketing tools. Not only do these technical solutions compress a far richer message but they also stimulate us to project ourselves into the scene, to participate and interact. And since inciting the viewer is the essence of successful advertisement, including interactive elements in ads hast lately became one of advertisers' main concerns.
Despite their great appeal and potential, video and animation should not be used indiscriminately, as their effectiveness depends on a multitude of factors such as company size and resources, the goals of the advertising campaign, the target market or even the general environment. Muslims, for example, have favored the word over the sign for millennia and their perceptions are unlikely to change overnight.

Let us deliver unforgettable imaging solutions for you!

To request more information about Artismedia's services or a quote, to place an order or propose a partnership, please contact us right away.

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