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From Content Management Systems to web stores, from B2B and B2C platforms to lead management solutions or custom built applications, we can address all your business needs with well-grounded and effective solutions.

Effortless Updates with Content Management Systems

Recommended for any sites that require frequent content updates, such as those belonging to newspapers, large and dynamic organizations, or those dedicated to major sport events, a content management system would allow you to handle any site updates without depending on overly expensive and fussy specialists.With such a system you can comfortably include new press releases, news articles, or job listings on your site.
Believe it or not, all you need to take full advantage of this software solution is access to a Web browser and basic knowledge of word processing. From an administration window you can access the editing functions, which are so similar to those from regular word processors that any average user of Microsoft Word can grasp them in no time at all.
These applications are so simple and intuitive you can even rely on your secretary or on a high-school student to make the content updates.
Depending on your requirements, we can deliver systems with different levels of complexity. Some of them allow several users to simultaneously modify different parts of the site, while others lack the user management function.
If your business falls within the categories that can greatly benefit from effective content management systems, do not hesitate to ask us more about our convenient, reliable, and highly affordable product.

Expand Your Customer Base with Efficient Web Stores!

Making use of Artismedia's simple and efficient web stores you can successfully promote and sell your products anywhere in the world and thus fully exploit the boundless nature of the virtual market.
Our web stores are based on open source platforms and match the requirements and budgetary constraints of most small and middle-sized businesses.
For highly affordable prices you can enjoy a full range of e-commerce solutions for commercial web sites. From simple secured credit card transaction forms to sophisticated shopping carts, from on-line catalogs to customized search engines and complex databases, Artismedia's web sites includes all the technical components that can make shopping experiences safe and rewarding.
Besides the shopping cart itself you will need a nice facade for the site, content that sells, effective promotions, targeted messages and marketing campaigns, site maintenance and also a great visibility. Our team would gladly assist you in any of the crucial areas that convert a web presence into sales.

State-of-the Art Web-Centered Solutions

Besides Content Management Systems and Web stores, Artismedia's specialists can help you with Business to Business platforms, sites for lead-management, web-based project management, enterprise portals, web-based applications for sales force automation and customer relationship management.
Ever more popular, B2B platforms have also found their way in our portfolio. By relying on Artismedia's solutions for your next B2B platform you will get at least the following:
the graphic design for the site (logo, color scheme, page layout)
solutions for the supply chain management and auction systems the secured database management system for the ordering system
the interface for client/provider administration
the company profile feature, which will enable any participant in transactions to rate a service provider based on criteria related to timeliness, precision, quality, budget, and communication. These ratings will represent the most objective assessment of suppliers available.
some form of Internet Marketing (e.g. search engine optimization for Google, Yahoo)

Reliable And Affordable Programmers

The outsourcing phenomenon has offered us a virtually unlimited supply of programmers that are not only outstanding but also affordable. With an expertise that spans several programming environments (Java-J2EE, PHP/ASP,.NET), SQL database design (MYSQL, PostegreSQL, MS SQL), Java scripting and smart cookie development, our highly skilled work force can deliver outstanding professional services at some of the best rates around.

A Wide Array of Technical (Back-end) Services

Our programmers' professionalism has been tested on a multitude of projects belonging to the following categories:
Database Design and Integration
Customized Content Management Systems
Search Engine design and installation
E-commerce/Transactions installation (catalogs, shopping cart, secure pages)
Community Tool Development and integration (message boards, chat, e-mail lists).
User Tracking (including cookies)
Usability Testing/Navigation Analysis

For any such project we will gladly have our specialists assist you.

Technical Assistance

As we treat you with the highest respect, all our services come with a one-year warranty that accounts even for the slightest glitches possible.

To request more information about Artismedia's services or a quote, to place an order or propose a partnership, please contact us right away.

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