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::Corporate Identities:: The Essence of Corporate Identities
Whether you are selling goods, services or ideas, you must use brands to position them in the market. But before talking of brands, you must shape an intelligible, meaningful and solid corporate identity system, which will pump blood into any new brand you develop.

The identity is merely a visual representation of your mission and business philosophy, telling people who you are in seconds rather than in minutes or even hours. For symbols tell the story far easier than words and can easily cross cultural and social barriers. The English word for monkey, for example, will not be understood by forest dwellers from the Amazon jungle, while a monkey's image will undoubtedly trigger positive reactions. Like the monkey used in this example, corporate identities need to be simple, intelligible and meaningful.

The Pitfalls of Symbols

Separated from the big picture, a symbol can give birth to countless interpretations. Our monkey, presented in isolation, might trigger the most unexpected responses. Some might notice how cute it is, others its bright face, while others its silken hair. Brand designers face similar problems when using symbols. To give any graphic symbol meaning one must integrate it into the system to which it refers. This can be achieved with carefully chosen slogans, sounds, colors, and surrounding graphic elements able to deliver a consistent message across different types of media.

Corporate Identity at Artismedia

Benefiting from a lavish blend of skills and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, we strive to capture the essence of the client in any visual identity project and convey it in a perfectly intelligible way.

Artismedia's service portfolio in the Corporate Identity category includes:
logo design
naming and slogans
stationery design
identity manuals
CD multimedia presentation

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